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How to choose a good quality of ceiling light ?


    How to choose a good quality of ceiling light ?

    Update Time:2019-08-30

       Ceiling light  is one of the most popular lamp for our house. Becasue it is with economic cost and east for installation .But how to choose a good quality of ceiling light as a oridinary customers?Now  Let us to bring you some tips as below:

    1. The driver - For all the lighting products ,the most important part is the driver ,it just like the heart of a persion .Normally ,we need to choose a constant current and constant voltage driver .This kind of driver can make the led ceiling light works well and without damage even that when the voltage some times is with fluctuation .This kind of driver can make the life time of the lamp more longer.

    2. The cover - There are normally two kinds of material in the market . PVC and PMMA . PVC is with lower cost but  easy to become yellow and also  easy brocken. But for PMMA ,it is with excellent transmittance ,it can reach to 92%.

    And also with good hardness and strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation .So it will not become yellow even work for some years.

    3. The led chip- This is also very important part for a lamp. The good quality of led can work stable with low light decay . And also to protect your eyes. But we can not see the quality of chip from the eyes or from touch. So We can only do is to buy guaranted products ,and better to choose brand products too. 

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